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Friday, August 06, 2010

Busy, blurry Friday

Yesterday is a blur. Sheesh!

I got ready to leave the house and was immediately delayed for about 30 minutes when I was about 1/4 mile down the road. A trailer was being moved down the road, and I had no choice but to pull in a neighbor's driveway and wait. There is no other way out from my house, just this one road. Fortunately, the driveway is one that belongs to a friend. Her big dog, Chomar, is my buddy. He is an Anatolian Shepherd and is huge. I'd guess he weighs around 120 lbs. His back comes above my hip. Anyway, he loves me. When I drive by he barks and chases me down the fence, something that his owner says he doesn't do for everyone.  Anyway, he is a really cool guy, and I decided to just stand at the gate and pet him and his buddy, a pug named Little Bit, till the moving mess was past.

Watching the process was amazing. The driver had to back the truck, pushing the trailer because of where it was going. I would have had it jack-knifed immediately! As he went past, I hollered at the driver that he is a better driver then me, for sure, and he replied that he literally does this in his sleep. He stopped a moment and said that a few nights ago his daughter woke him, asking if he was OK, and he said yes, why? She replied that he was talking in his sleep and saying things about the truck and turning here, etc.! He said then he remembered that he had been dreaming about backing a trailer into its space!

Anyway, he had to back that thing a little over 1/2 mile, through an arroyo, up a rather steep hill and then maneuver it into its space with a greater than 90° turn into the location. I was dying to stay and watch the whole process, but by this time it was almost noon and I was going to be late to the setup for the reception. So when I could, I traveled on down the road to my meeting.

I spent till 3:00 helping with the setup and preparation. The artists were bringing in their works to show and each gave one thing for the silent auction. I helped set up the exhibit room as well as the goodies for the auction, moving back and forth as needed. It was actually a lot of fun, but at the end of the time, I was ready for a little rest and shower before the event began at 5:00. I had to be back at 4:30. I ran by the post office to mail some things and headed home.

I didn't really have time to lie down. As I was coming up my road, I was stunned to see that the trailer was still not in place! It was still hanging out in the road as they worked to maneuver it into place. After a few minutes it moved enough to let me slip by, one wheel in the ditch, and I was able to get home. I showered, fed the dogs, grabbed a bite myself, got dressed and put on makeup, and was ready to go back. Guess what? I still had to creep by!! It wasn't blocking the whole road this time, so not as bad.

For the next two hours I helped serve good noshes, carrying a tray and weaving through the crowd, chatted with people, answered questions, etc. It was fun! There were three guys in tuxes helping us serve, and none of us knew who they were. They looked so sharp in their tuxes and black western boots! I assumed at first that the theater had "donated" their time. But I asked one, and he said no, they were friends of one of the artists, and he had asked them to come up from El Paso and do this! What fun! I also learned they were a father and two sons. I told him his "dress" was fancier than mine, and he grinned and said, "Yeah, but yours, and you, look a whole lot better."  Silver tongued fox, he was! I did look good, though, even if I say so myself. All three of them were genuinely nice guys, and they were fun to chat with.

By the time the silent auction was over, 1/2 hour before the event ended, my back and legs were in pain. I realized I'd been on my feet on those hard, marble floors for over five hours. I'm glad I didn't wear the heels I intended to, but stayed in the flats through the night. When I got home, I got into my nightshirt and put my feet up!

This morning, I could barely walk when I got up. My legs screamed at me! My ankles were stiff, my calves ached and burned and my knee joints felt like I had sand in them! They loosened up in a few minutes, but holy cow! Later, I got ready to take my meds and vitamin with breakfast, and when I took out the pill organized, I saw that I didn't take any meds yesterday! None at all! Now, it didn't make a difference in that short time, as they are built up in my system but I'm sure it didn't help, either.

BTW, the trailer crew was still there, working on getting it into place when I came home after 7:30 last night. I'm sure it isn't cheap to have that done, and those guys earn their money!!

I'm taking a "day off" today. No, I feel fine now, other than being a little tired. But I just decided to not push the limits. I have a busy day tomorrow, helping Zoƫ on the tour. That will require being on my feet a lot also, although I'll be able to sit some off and on. and Sunday is going to be busy as I make the rounds of the tour to see the other artists. It won't be physically hard on me, but just a busy day. So, resting today is a good thing.

Excuse me. I have to go resume resting.  ;D


  1. My brother-in-law is a truck driver and it amazes me how he can maneuver that huge thing! Anyone who thinks it's easy is sadly mistaken. :)

  2. I seriously know I could not do what this guy did!! I admire that skill, for sure!


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