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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Heck of a week

I'm still sitting in bed, letting Saturday morning sink in and absorb the week behind me. It has been a busy week, and I'm glad it is over. It hasn't been a bad week, but it was stuffed full, and I feel as if I haven't taken an easy breath. Missing Monday didn't help. I worked enough hours to make up for the missed day, not because I was trying to make up time, but simply to get the tasks done. And I did.

The fire is now 75% contained. I'm really impressed with how well the firefighting crews have done. They've really had to fight uphill, too, with winds which have been terrible all week. There was one day that the wind was less challenging, and we got a slight rain, but the conditions have not been conducive to putting the fire to sleep.  Yet, they have done it, almost. I just heard the winds today will be gusting to 60-65 MPH. argh. I hate, hate, hate wind. And I'm hoping it doesn't rekindle the wildfire.

I've fought congestion all week, at least while at work. The pollen count is high in the area, anyway, but I have fought it mostly at work. I don't smell smoke, but I assume it is in the air and irritating my nasal passages. I'm mildly congested here at home, but within an hour of getting to work, I am completely blocked. Decongestants help some, but they don't completely open me up,  so I've had to use nasal sprays, too. I'm glad to have a couple days to recuperate at home.

I got a haircut last week. It was the third cut with a new person, and I always give a new stylist a few cuts to understand my hair and get it right. But I think I might have reached my limit with this person. She is nice enough, but she just doesn't seem to get it. The cut isn't "bad," but it isn't right for me. I was in her shop a week before my appointment to buy some product, and I talked with her about the problems I was having. It was a good time, because you could see what wasn't working. I said it needed to be a little shorter here and a bit longer there. She said, yes, she could see what I meant. Then when I went back for the cut, we talked about it again.

Let me stop a minute and explain something. I have curly hair. It doesn't look so curly any more, but it has a mind of it's own, as must curly heads do. If it isn't cut right, it just doesn't work well, at all. It takes a really good cut, by a person who understand the way curly hair grows and doesn't fight the natural growth. Secondly, when I have my glasses off, I can't see what is going on. I'm at the mercy of the stylist until I can put my glasses back on and see what has occurred.

Well, when I put my glasses on .... her answer to our two conversations about "longer" and "shorter" was to cut everything short enough to not matter! We had also previously talked about how one side of my hair is thicker than the other, as is true with most people, and yet she cut the two sides alike, leaving one side to just stick out unless I work and work and work to counteract the effects of the cut.  I would spike it , but the other side won't spike because it is cut differently. Or is it cut too much the same with different growth. I donno, but it ain't workin'!

Well, I've made a decision to let this grow out and change stylists again. My boss has curly hair, and she has a very good stylist. She also costs twice as much, but I can't stand what is going on! I only have to live with this for a month.... or two .... before it will grow out enough to be cut again!

A funny thing this morning .... I got my laptop, crawled back in bed and read my email, etc. When I was ready to write this post, I clicked on something, but it was the wrong thing. I'm still adjusting to the sensitivity of the touch pad and some other new features. Well, I accidentally clicked on something new in this laptop, called Photo Booth. Up popped the application, complete with a frame with my face in it! It's the application that allows you to take pictures or video. I thought .... only for a split second .... about taking my picture and to play with the application and learn it. Then I realized I didn't want to risk having a picture of myself in the computer with my hair sticking out in all directions (remember that haircut?), no make up, and puffy from sleep! I might inadvertently post the damn thing, since I am still finding so many surprises with this new toy!

OK, I guess it is time to get going with the weekend. I have a house to clean, an art tour to do, and a few other things to accomplish before Monday sucks me back into the routine.  Time's a-wastin'!!


  1. You seem to be very busy these days but as I remember you were busy when you weren't working. I hope you have a fun and productive week-end.

  2. I feel your pain! I too have curly hair. My husband thinks I'm picky when it comes to stylist. Well, he's right I am. I have to live with their disasters while they collect my money.

    You are generous to give someone three chances. They only get two with me. And, what's that all about when they just dismiss us and scalp us? Been there, done that too many times.

  3. Linda, you're right. I do stay busy, regardless. But I also enjoy my "down" Time here at home. I'm missing having that down time that is quality. Right now, I'm very tired. I'm sure before the weekend is over, I will be refreshed and restored. And, as I've said before, I really do like the job. It's just that there are time when any job gets hectic, and this is mine!

    RET, a good stylist is very important, and many don't get that there are different techniques with the curly mops. My previous stylist had to quit because of shoulder injuries. We were talking one time, and she said that when she was in school, she found that some "girls" had a flippant attitude about those differences.

    At this moment, I'm wishing I hadn't given the third chance. The first 2 cuts were decent! Clearly 3rd time isn't always the charm!!

  4. 90% of the time I just hate my hair. It is limp, straight, gray, and short! If I get a perm it gets fuzzy.

    I'v had cheep haircuts, and expensive ones. It doesn't seem to mater much. They still don't make me look 20 pounds lighter nor ten years younger.

    My answer is to just not look in the mirror.

    I find I don't really think about what other people look like. I accept them for who they are. I hope they do the same for me.

    Clean is all I aim for anymore.

  5. I have naturally curly hair also. I have yet to find a stylist who can cut my hair with the natural curl. Of course, I live in a rural area and the stylists around here tend to cut everyone's hair in the same style.

    I agree with Merikay - as long as it's clean, I'm not going to worry about it.

  6. My sympathies on the hair! My hair turned naturally wavy when I was in the fifth grade. In the years since then I have only found two stylists who could give me a decent cut. The most recent evacuated for Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and didn't come back.

    If you know of someone who can cut curly hair, the expense is probably worth it.

    When I retired, I realized that I had been regularly leaving the hairdressers' saying "Well, it will grow out." Now I go gray, ahem, platinum, and cut my own hair. Well, it will grow out!

  7. Gee, it sounds as if a lot of us have problems with stylists! What's with that???

  8. Oh darn. I would like to see that picture! Lol.

  9. O dear, isn't it a bore when we have to start with new hairdressers. I hate switching.

    Photobooth will let you erase any photo you don't like instantly, it's a very easy app to use. Go ahead, do it.

  10. Mary, I finally did take a few pictures. Quite a fun application!

    Friko, I'm having fun with it! It took me a while, but I like it. I have posted a couple of the photos o FB. I'll post some here, too, soon.


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