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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lovely pictures!

About an hour ago, it began raining, pouring, actually! And mixed in it off and on was some hail, pea to lima bean size. It really hammered down for about ten minutes, then slowed to a more gentle rain.

Hail that fell about an hour ago. Interesting that it was still there this much later. It's not exactly hot out there, but it is now 58°, and around 70 when it began.

But the best part of it is this ....
Yes!! That's over 1/2" in the gauge!!!

Perhaps, just perhaps, the drought will be coming to an end!! Wooo hoooo!


  1. All the wild creatures should be happy too.

  2. after visiting NM, I know you need more than 1/2 and inch! I hope you get it! we are dry here too, hope it's heading NE!!!

  3. I think so, Merikay.

    MM, You're right, we are nearly 3 inches down this year. For a state that has an average of under 15 inches, that's a lot.


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